The project presents creations from my stay in the GEDOK Foundation studios in Munich, Germany. It is a continuation of my idea of embroidered paintings, which I transferred to metal sieves.

To fulfill the project, I installed 500 kitchen sieves, 30 of which were embroidered.

The installation's goal is to cover the whole hall with metal sieves. (symbols for the wife, housewife, the "witch", the coziness of home, and the woman, in general) This approach aims to carry the beholder through various objects (which, at first glance and on such scale, look like air balloons, glass globes, and engagement rings) to reveal the embroidered symbols surprisingly.

The idea of the sieve and the structure it sifts as a ritual is primal human behavior in search of what's most valuable in our lives. It is also the meaning of my life – my everyday life, my art, my being as a mother and a wife, my sense of value.

That, which survives and remains after the sifting blow, is, in most cases, extraordinarily beautiful, resembling love, but can sometimes appear as a woman with a machine gun or a murdered Prometheus.

The exhibition also includes 30 large-scale color drawings and a painted ceramic plastic installation.

My husband, Metodi Petrov, also took part in the project, contributing drawings realized on the GEDOK Foundation's territory.